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How to make super fat cashew milk

After the Effect of Millet and 3 millet formula is easy to get you interested, today True Juice will share more about nut milk, specifically cashew milk – a drink that is very pleased to you us.

To make delicious nut milk, the most important thing is ingredients. You should choose raw, non-dried cashew nuts, white seeds, flakes, without dark or moldy. You can preserve cashew nuts for months, preferably in the freezer or at least the refrigerator cooler.

Cashew nuts provide protein, vitamins E and B with minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium … About the amount of fat, cashew nuts are lower than peanuts, almonds and walnuts. However, we should not use cashew nuts daily, but we should change various types of nuts.

And now come to the main part, 2 steps to make delicious and fat milk cashew will appear right after

MATERIAL (for 1 liter of pure cashew milk – not sweet)
120gr cashew nuts (not soaked in weight)

900ml of filtered water

Sp tsp sea salt or pink salt


Step 1

Raw cashew nuts are soaked in filtered water for about 1 hour to soften, when soaked in a little salt or add some lemon juice or vinegar to make it white. Because the time for soaking cashew nuts is not long, you absolutely do not worry about broken grains.

Remove the soaked water. Wash cashew nuts a few more times.

Step 1: cashew is softly soaked for 1 hour, soaked in water, washed

Step 2
Add cashew nuts and water, salt (or other types of add-ons you like, for example sweeteners mentioned below) to a blender. Grind puree at the highest speed within 1 minute. If the blender is not strong enough, grind one more time to make sure the finely ground cashew nuts are free of debris.

Pouring the filtered milk through the sieve, you will find it almost without pulp. (Actually, cashew milk does not need to be filtered because it is already smooth)

You can add some other ingredients to cashew milk to match the taste of the family members

Cashew milk – sweet:
½ vanilla essence (not using vanilla powder)

Option to create sweet: 3 dates to soak soft seeds. Or 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Or 1-2 spoons of tsp jaggery. Or 1-2 tablespoons of sweet grass sugar.


Making nut milk should use a high-power blender, range of 600W or more. A blender should be used for table work because the hand blender lines will not be as strong. If the machine is weaker, it is necessary to grind it several times to smooth it.
Natural seed milk will always have sedimentation. After bottling the refrigerator, you will see the milk residue settle. Just remember to shake it up when you drink or swirl.
This is the basic formula, if you prefer fatty milk, thicker, increase the amount of grain or reduce the amount of water. And vice versa, if you prefer more thin milk, give more water when grinding.
If you do not have time and are in a hurry, you can soak cashew nuts with 15-20p hot water, it will soften to grind